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Top Cities Around Cyprus

When we talk about lavish and lush-green exotic places; Cyprus is one such dream place around the globe and perhaps the birthplace of the ancient Greek goddess of love Aphrodite. It is a beautiful third-largest island nation in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. Known by other alternatives; Kípros, Kibris. On the geographical front is has around 1,320,000 population and is indeed one such beautiful place having scenic habitats surrounded by beaches, mineral wealth, wineries, and greenery all around. There is a unitary multiparty republic government and commonly spoken languages are Greek and Turkish.

Take out some time to upheaval your professional life. To elevate your senses and create lifetime memories with loved ones Cyprus has it all. Throughout the year there’s a lot of things to do and to cherish your time having fun in this beautiful island nation. It is indeed an ideal place for a destination wedding or to confess your love for your lady/guy. You can get cinematic shots and pictures with a hint of heaven-like feeling.

The cool breeze with crystal clear water bodies and lush green surrounding will make you go bananas. Let’s have a look at some of the biggest cities of Cyrus. Although there are many but six major cities in Cyprus each of them which are serving as the capital of the six districts of Cyprus. All these cities have a uniqueness which makes an example of the main characteristics of Cyprus:

Important Sites To Visit

You can see tinsel towns and scenic villages each with a unique style, worth visiting. It would be a long book if we go on the depth of Cyprus which can cumbersome. Will have a glance at the major ones hence. Honestly saying you can’t explore the nation at once. It is far way magnificent and eyes googling that would take you time to get enough of one place. One needs to go and explore twice thrice or maybe yearly (pun intended).

Largest cities of Cyprus; Nicosia, Limassol, Paphos, Larnaca, Famagusta, and Kyrenia. Below is a brief account of the cities mentioned.


It is one of the biggest cities which is not built by the sea but in the central plateau of Cyprus formerly known as Ledra. It is also the capital of the Republic of Cyprus which happened during the Byzantine tenure. As it is situated in the middle of Cyprus it has not as many coastal cities. Shedding some light on its beauty and other peripherals below is a love note on Nicosia just for you to read and feel. Step into the exquisite old city of Nicosia within the very beautiful Venetian walls where you can shop and satisfy your cravings at the restaurants serving Turkish coffee lingering whole area giving soothing vibes.

Taste bud tickling foods including beef borek, grilled halloumi, rice-stuffed vine leaves, Cypriot meatballs, Seftali Kebab, and lots more for you to gratify your hunger pangs after a day’s walking and shopping. Don’t forget to visit a traditional bakery, taste fresh Turkish delight in the market. After treat to your stomach give a treat to the mind and eyes. Visit the Archaeological Museum of Nicosia, the biggest in Cyprus.

There are many treasures to admire in the museums like- Folk Art Museum of Nicosia. Historic buildings and statues to see and click selfies at the House of HadjiGeorgakis Cornesios, a medieval era manor house, the Eleftherias Square, and the Monument of Liberty. You won’t regret going but regret going for just once as it will sort of hypnotizing you. Book your tickets next time you plan to take a break from the usual nine-to-five job life.



It is a southwest coast city of the Mediterranean island of Cyprus about 50 km (30 mi) west of Limassol. It is having theories with the several sites relating to the cult of goddess Aphrodite, whose mythical birthplace was at Old Paphos (Kouklia). Known for its cultural and historical aspects which includes:-the Tomb of the Kings, Mosaics, castle, and numerous churches.

Great place to visit this has been included in the official UNESCO list of cultural and natural treasures of the world’s heritage for its ancient ruins and was selected as a European Capital of Culture for 2017. The economy majorly relies on tourism having luxurious resorts in the district: Kato Paphos, Coral Bay, Latchi, and Aphrodite Hills. Agriculture is too given importance; growing banana, grape, and tobacco cultivation, contribute significantly to its economy. Talking about the weather; it has a subtropical-Mediterranean climate, having the mildest temperatures. Ideal to go and spend quality time making life-long memories.



It is a district located on the southern coast of Cyprus and the capital of the eponymous district. Amazing sea views and finest clubs is a treat for the visitors. Comfy yet lively aura resorts have been known to host some amazing beach parties for the guests. Nights here always dazzle and make you feel lively and awaken mostly at the busy beachfront.

Visit Larnaca to awaken your souls enjoying the energy and zest of living on a Cypriot island along with the finest wine shimmering your eyes and whole aura around. To gratify hunger you will get presentable rich foods inducing hunger; fish-based recipe chicken, fresh herbs, and richly seasoned sautéed vegetables with drooling assortments. A must-try is the Sheftalies, which is sausage meatballs.


is one of the most scenic cities located east of Nicosia in Cyprus. It is known as the marine capital of Cyprus. Tourism, education, construction, and industrial production are the main economic activities. Being an ideal place to enjoy a marvelous and wholesome lifestyle it offers a bundle of attractions and a vibrant landscape of fine dining establishments, fun-filled luxury resorts, etc.

There is one devastating story related to Famagusta. Back in 1974 was desolated temporarily by its inhabitants after got bombed by the Turkish air force. Consequently, the whole lively city was overnight turned into a ghost town and thus has remained the same ever since.

Visit Famagusta and get rejuvenated

The whole place has a jazzy and calm aura to make you feel away from the hustle-bustle world. There is a lot of things to do in Famagusta. Don’t miss the” bulgur kofte” and “kebaps” your stomach and soul will be sated. Plan a trip for your next vacation to feel the majestic feel of the place.

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