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Best Locations to Travel in Germany as a Tourist

A place rich in culture, diversity and with an interesting history, Germany is one of the best European holiday destinations. The nation is a beautiful one with numerous cities to travel to. Every city has something exciting to offer to the tourists. All cities are well connected by railways, great roads and flights making travel easy for all. Scenic landscapes, museums, posh dining options, spas, or the famous beer gardens, one can see a bunch of things in German cities. So, if you are planning to visit Germany and experience the beauty and culture of the country, here are some of the best locations you must visit:

1. Berlin

This is the capital city of Germany and one of the biggest cities in the country. Berlin has been a location of prime interest since early years. The Cold War resulted in the city being divided into eastern and western parts. By the end of the 1900s, it was reunited and again regained its position as the largest city.


Currently, Berlin is the cultural hub of the country with an active nightlife. There are people from different parts of the world working or studying in the city. The city is home to ancient art, architecture, and world-class museums depicting elaborate history. Some notable structures in the city include Reichstag Building, German Historical Museum, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, and Brandenburg Gate. A tour of these places can be a learning and entertaining experience. Other than these, Berlin is famous for its variety of street food items and interesting accommodation options.

2. Frankfurt

Destroyed during the second world war, Frankfurt today is the business hub of Germany and also entire Europe. Frankfurt is home to around 5 million people who come to the city in search of better job opportunities. The city has a modern look with high rising buildings all around. The German business city is separated into two by the Main river. While one side has all the glitter and glamour of the business world, the other end still holds on to the old charm. You can visit some nice and traditional cafes, museums or take a walk by the riverside in the evening when in the older part of the city. For those of you looking for fun nightlife during the travel, the Frankfurt on the other side of Main has got a perfect setting.


Römerburg or the City Hall from 1405, Frankfurt Cathedral, Palm Garden, and Goethe House and Museum are some primary tourist attractions in Frankfurt.

3. Munich

German’s wealthiest city, Munich is the capital of the state of Bavaria. The charm of the city’s architecture brings a lot of tourists every year. Lined on the shores of Isar, Munich is a city with a long history. The place is quiet, has a touch of history, and is surrounded by gardens, museums, and many local markets. On the other hand, you can see some automobiles with advanced technology, multiple corporations, fine dining, and many other modern elements.


The most interesting thing about Munich city is the Oktoberfest festival which is celebrated with parades, food, music, and gallons of Bavarian beer. Every year the festivities last for about 3 weeks and invites over 6 million tourists from around the world.

4. Hamburg

It is Germany’s port city that has been functioning since the Middle ages. After Berlin, it is the largest city in the country. The Elbe river running on the side of the city and has the most popular harbors in entire Europe. Apart from the port, the mixed architecture of the city is quite interesting. You can see some warehouses dating back to the 19th century and also the modern buildings of this century. You can also see multiple canals and bridges which have earned it the name “Venice of the North”.

5. Cologne

This city of Germany is a popular one among tourists. It is a beautiful city and perfect for people with religious interests. Also, if you are in for an enriching experience of classic architecture, Cologne is where you can go. The Cologne Cathedral is the most attractive part of the city. This structure was made 600 years. The Roman influence in the city is seen in the Gothic churches and towers.

6. Bremen

It is a 1200-year-old city that holds on to a lot of German history. Bremen has also been identified as a World Heritage site by UNESCO. The city is undergoing modernization with new industries and technology springing up. However, the old touch of the city is not yet lost. There are nice museums and an old center in the city that reminds you of ancient Germany.

7. Dresden

The city is known for its beautiful buildings, palaces, museums, and churches. It is the art city of Germany that holds some great treasures for tourists. Dresden was destroyed during the world war, but the present look of the city will leave you mesmerized. The nightlife in Dresden is also something to enjoy on your trip to this wonderful city.

8. Heidelberg

Another German town on the banks of a river, Heidelberg is one of the cities that was not destroyed during world war 2. This means you can still see the old Roman culture from the 18th century in Heidelberg. Cobblestone roads and the sceneries around make it a great place to visit. The Heidelberg University is the oldest in the country which is an attraction in the city for many tourists.

9. Potsdam

This city of Germany is famous for the majestic palaces and fine gardens all over. Potsdam was ruled by Prussian kings for a long time and you can see the monuments they have built that are now a historical heritage.

10. Leipzig

It is situated in the Saxony state. Leipzig is famous for art and culture. The city has produced some great music composers and tourists can be part of musical shows when in the city. The architecture is also worth mentioning. The largest town square of the continent called Augustus Platz is present in Leipzig.