Make your visa journey easier.

Much easier!

Make your visa journey easier.

Much easier!

E-2 Investor Visa

The ultimate Investor-Visa for starting a business in the USA

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Huge benefits for having an E-2 Visa

As long as your business keeps running (and at least 50% managed by you) you will get great benefits.

You can legally work in the USA in your own business. Unlike other work permits, here you don’t depend on a sponsor or job offer, you have the control for your Visa.

The E-2 Visa allows your spouse (If you are married) to have a work permit. If you have children under 21, they can go to school in the USA.

Once you have an E-2 Visa, it will continue to be renewed indefinitely.

The E-2 Visa allows you to freely move and travel inside and outside the USA. Your time staying in the USA isn’t limited.

Learn all about the E-2 VISA

E-2 Visas are highly desired by foreign nationals and investors. Investors qualifying for E-2 Visas, whether they want to start a new business in the U.S. or buy an existing one, must meet several requirements.

  • You must be a citizen of a country that has a qualifying treaty with the United States in order to qualify for an E-2 visa.
  • To qualify for the E-2 investor visa, the applicant must make a substantial investment. However, There is no minimum investment amount specified by law.
  • A substantial investment is one that is sufficient for the investor to maintain their financial commitment.
  • A proportionality test compares how much money you actually invest in your business with the total value of the business.