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We have set ourselves the goal of helping the international immigrant community by providing assistance in a variety of fields, from the immigration process itself to the unique and complex needs of immigrants in their daily lives.

Our Immigrant Aid Initiative is dedicated mainly to helping individuals, who lack the means and the ability to immigrate to a new country, as for such individuals immigrating can sometimes be a matter of survival and gaining control of their future.


Therefore, it is our mission to identify individuals with limited means from all over the world, who are in need of urgent and immediate immigration services. We aim to assist them with obtaining the required legal services for the purpose of:

(a) the immigration process itself

(b) overcoming the challenges associated with bureaucratic procedures of the various governmental agencies.


We further intend to assist such individuals by connecting them with professional service providers in the target countries, to which they have migrated, who will be able to assist them with getting effective access to services such as health, employment, housing and more…
Our Immigrant Aid Initiative encourages the various service providers on our platform to contribute, pro bono, their time and resources, to promote our cause, each in its own field, by granting such service providers significant benefits on the platform.