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Best Universities in the USA

Before you decide to enroll in any of the USA universities, doing a bit of research is the perfect first step for finding an ideal place for studies. The university or college in which you spend time pursuing higher education determines the direction of your career and job avenues.


The USA is a top country to seek further education in different courses and researches. With over 5300 universities, carving out the one that suits your demands and requirements becomes impossible. You have to choose your perfect college carefully since a part of your life, investment, and hard work is going to be used in this quest.


To provide you ease in the pursuance of your ideal university, below are some of the best universities sorted out.

Harvard University

Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Harvard University was established in 1636 and since then it holds a high reputation for providing quality academics courses for over centuries. Getting admission into this university is surely the hardest battle of all. It offers prestigious Biology, Sociology, Anthropology courses.


It is considered the best university for History, Economics, and Computer Science. Harvard is a prominent university in the world including the USA, and acquiring a degree from here substantially influences your career prospect.

Standford University

This university offers majors in the subjects of Biology, Computer Science, and Engineering. It is also well-recognized as a leading university to study environmental science and psychology. Stanford is a foremost research university and one can derive immense benefits for the duration of their studies in this college and also, afterward. It is a reputable university and is going to give your career a kick start after you become a graduate.


As the name suggests, this university is situated in Standford, California. What makes this university stand out from others its special aim to ignite the entrepreneurial zeal in the students.

Princeton University

It is one of the oldest university offering various graduate and undergraduate courses. Established in 1746, the university provides for a challenging academic environment as the faculty here is brilliant and students are determined. Its Ivy League status makes it the most respected university in the United States. Being an academically focused college, the students here are selected on aspects other than their financial status.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

This is university was formed in 1861 and is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It is a private and non-profit institution for higher education. MIIT provides programs and courses in the sought-after streams of higher education such as master’s or bachelor’s degrees, or a doctorate degree in different specialization subjects. Students can enroll in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology by passing the entrance examination in combination with merit from their previous academic achievements and records.


This is a highly selective institution with an admission rate as low as 10%. This university offers financial aid to deserving students and there is a facility for housing, sports, libraries, etc. One can also opt for various online courses and distance learning opportunities.

Yale University

Yale University is amongst the esteemed institutions for pursuing higher education in the USA and is in New Haven, Connecticut. Just like Princeton University, this institution is also highly academically focused. This university pushes its students to widen their horizons of learning and pursue topics more than what the academic course entails. For instance, the project work is not limited to the coursebook and one has to include recent times experiences into their study endeavors.

This college also offers music and drama courses. If art, dance, or music is the career choice you are passionate about, then learning from maximizes the influence of your career prospect. Besides the art, it is a prestigious university known for offering courses in popular majors such as Biology, Political Science, Economics, English, and History.

University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and offers various programs, diplomas, foundation programs, bachelor degrees, master degrees, and doctorate degrees. This is among the oldest and prestigious universities and admissions are done based on entrance examination scores and past academic records. Faculty and professors in this university are extremely intelligent and engage with the students in all manners possible.
This university is famous for offering majors in Nursing, Finance, and Economics. The university houses the country’s first school of medicine and the nation’s first academic business school.

Brown University

Brown University is located in Providence, Rhode Island, and provides studies in popular majors such as Biology, Economics, and Computer Science. When it comes to age, this is the seventh oldest institute for higher education in the United States. This is an easy-going yet reputable institution owing to its open curriculum. The specialty of this institution is that it enables, undergraduate students, to formulate and customize their course of study. This is one of a kind Ivy League institution as it opens up to invite students from all religious affiliations. The size of the campus is another major thing that appeals to the students since it is not too small or too large.

Duke University

Officially established in 1924, this university is considered best for student Athletes. University is located in Durham, North Carolina and students can major in subjects such as Public policy, Biology, and Economics. Besides the high quality of academic education, the sports education here is of the best standards. This university has the most aesthetic architecture. Studying from here opens up gateways of opportunities for the students both during and after their educational period.


It is a great college to experience the balance between academic learning, sports challenges, and the enjoyment of college life. Sports endeavors in this university take up students to the national championship programs.

To conclude –

These were some of the best universities in the USA offering both conventional and online modes of education. Deciding to select a university is not easy and this list will help in shortlisting your options and cutting down your stress levels.