Make your visa journey easier.

Much easier!

Make your visa journey easier.

Much easier!

Come and Work in the UAE – What You Need To Do

A country that has seen unprecedented growth in the past, the UAE attracts major investment and requires labor all year round.
This is what makes UAE a great country to find and grow your career.

Skills Needed in the UAE

Along with petroleum and petrochemicals, the country has established industries of aluminum, construction, boat building, and textiles that continue to grow.

However, progress needs resources, and labor is a dire need in these industries to take it to newer heights.

Be it in the technology and maths sectors or accountancy and banking sector, the country is facing a skills shortage.

This is why you should come and work in the UAE!

Entry Visa and Work Permit in the UAE

To work in the UAE, you will need a work permit that renders you suitable to work in the country.

However, if you are working outside the free zones, you need not apply for a work permit before traveling. In such a case, you can avail an entry visa when you arrive.

To get this work permit, you must first get your hands on the Employment Entry Visa. Here is how you go about it:

Step 1: Getting the Entry Visa

1. The employer will get a visa quote approval for you from the Ministry of Labor (MOL). This approval proves that the employer has not reached its quota for foreign employees.

2. Once they have a green signal from the MOL, they can send you a contract to sign. You must sign this and send this back electronically or any otherwise. The agreement must be in three languages:
a. English.
b. Urdu.
c. Employee’s native language.

3. The ministry will review your suitability for the job and your employer’s authenticity and approve a work permit application. Once approved, you will get a pink visa to enter the UAE.

4. The permit will be valid for two months and can be extended twice before your actual permit is approved.

Step 2: Obtaining Work Permit

Once in the UAE, you can work towards obtaining your work permit or getting it changed if you already had one (which is way simpler). 

Here is how you can get your UAE work permit:

1. Your entry visa will be ready at the airport at arrival. Pick it up when you land in the country. This will give you sixty days to work towards a work permit.

2. You will then need to go through a medical screening before registering with the Emirates ID service center. To register here, you will need to fill a form and have a valid passport and employment entry permit.

3. Once you get the result for your medical screening, you must include it in your signed labor contract and send it to the MOL within 14 days.

4. Health insurance is mandatory in the UAE, and the health insurance card will need to be included in the application to get a work permit.

5. Once all this is done, you will receive your work permit and residence visa for all family members. Also, you will be granted an Emirates ID.

Begin Your Process – Today

Do you want to work in the UAE?

The process can seem complicated, especially if it is your first time maneuvering around visas and work permits.

But with the right guide from ImmiNet, you can complete the process – seamlessly.