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Come as a Tourist; Best Locations to Travel in Australia

The imageries that pop up in our minds when we think of Australia are the sunny beaches, eccentric wildlife, and the tall kangaroos. While these aspects are the major attraction points but the country has a lot to offer. Be it the gigantic mountains, great national parks, pleasing waterfalls, and the perfect roads for tracking and tripping. This land down deserves recognition as an adventurous tourist place since it offers some of the quirkiest traveling experiences.

What is different in Australia?

This land of dreams is packed with marvelous beauties and is a single centralized country with contradictory facets. Besides the spectacular coastlines, you get to witness the most vibrant and diverse cultures, huge sandy islands, astonishing wildlife, and cool rainforests. The natural beauties here such as the Great Barrier Reef are sure to make your trip worthwhile.


All in all, the red deserts and the robust national parks score high when it comes to covering the adventure part of your trip. To counteract the wild nature of this country, the laid-back nature of the populace makes Australia the perfect country for your bucket list.

Main tourist attraction locations in Australia

Great Barrier Reef Marine Park

In the listing of the World Heritage, the Great Barrier Reef is a humongous living natural creation of nature. This Marine Park can be seen from outer space as well. The purpose of creating the Great Barrier Reef is to safeguard the precious ecosystems consisting of more than 3,000 coral reefs, 600 islands, 300 coral rays, mangrove islands, and more. The Marine Park is spread over the 2,300 kilometers area conjointly with the state of Queensland. It is the only living reef on earth recognizable from space and is, of course, seven wonders of the natural world.

Blue Mountains

Situated more than an hour away from the busy city of Sydney, Blue Mountains are going to give you the thrill of nature. Moreover, you do not have to set aside days and weekends for exploring these beautiful mountains, a day itself will suffice. A phenomenal place to visit here is Wentworth Falls, it has the most awe-inspiring waterfalls. Also, The Three Sisters rock formations are the major scenery and the highlight to see and experience in the Blue Mountains. Other places of visit here are the Echo Point, Scenic World’s gondola, Scenic Railway, and Lincoln’s Rock. The whole day with gigantic landscapes and ends with the sunset makes for the best one-day short trip.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Another widely famous tourist attraction of Australia is the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Lovingly referred to as the Coathanger, this amazing construction is regarded as the biggest steel arch bridge in the world. They range over 500 meters of area and are connected with Sydney’s North Shore. Over the bridge, apart from the pedestrian pathways, there are two railway lines, eight lanes for road travel, etc. You can also visit the southeastern pier to get a complete outlook of the history and different places here. Visit this Bridge to witness the most spectacular views of Australia. It is one of the natural harbors and creation of mankind.


Bathurst will become your favorite once you visit and is also the ignored tourist place by most tourists due to its simplicity. It is an ancient inland city and is considered the Australian gold rush. You cannot forget to visit as it makes for a unique detour for your trip to Australia. From the past years, this place has become a great place for accommodation purposes. This place has a lot to meet the tourist eye and its major visiting points include the T-Rex that you can find in the Australian Fossil and Mineral Museum, and you cannot afford to miss the Mount Panorama Circuit. For an easy trip, the Machattie Park and the commemorative plaque are sure to make your day. And if you want a little spice in your trip, then the gold rush town in Sofala and Jenolan caves is the perfect natural granite beauty.


Melbourne is a famous and 2nd biggest Australian city for tripping and adventure. If you seek to explore a diverse culture, then this place is for you. The galleries, theaters, shops, and classy restaurants here are the best way to add to the luxury treats you want while covering the parts of Melbourne. In case you wish to catch the European feel then you cannot help but experience the calm and eccentricity of this city. This green city has Federation Square, Royal Botanic Gardens, the Melbourne Cricket Ground, the National Gallery of Victoria, to give to the fun of people who love sports and greenery. For the shopaholics, the treats would include the Melbourne Central Shopping Center, Royal Arcade, Queen Victoria Market, and a lot more.

Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach has the worldwide reputation of being one of the best since it has a lot to offer to the bronzed bodies, backpackers, and surfers. Being a few minutes’ drive away from the city center, this Bondi Beach is considered to have life-saving clubs operating for the past many years. To spend your day at the seaside or to have a great picnic spot, this is the place to consider. If you want to get the full advantage of the sea sights, one of the best ways is to have a coastal walk, starting from the southern ends and ending six kilometers alongside the sandstone cliffs. When you swim on this beach, you have to take extra care, since the riptides can sweep you off the seashore and become a life hazard. You can visit the Sunday markets for shopping fun, enjoy the ocean pool and the skate park.

In the end

Australia has much to contribute to your itinerary since the list of best places to visit does not end here. Listed above were the major points to explore in Australia if you want to have a full-fledged experience when you trip to Australia.