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Come as a Tourist; Best Locations to Travel in Canada

If you have been planning to travel to Canada for a long time but are confused about the places to visit, here is the narrowed down list.


Canada houses some of the attractive and expansive landscape beauties on the planet earth. The natural scenery, enormous mountains, and amazing lakes make for the best tourist attractions in Canada. Besides the natural gifts, the cities here are quite an impressive endeavor to start the touring journey with. While you pack your back for heading towards enjoying Canada, it an important thing to know that it is not as vast a country as you perceive it to be, it is actually much greater in size and diversity.


Therefore, it is advisable to not plan aimlessly when wishing to explore this city as a well-structured plan to list out the places to visit will help you save time and make for a better itinerary experience.

Here is the list of the best places to explore in Canada.


It is not possible for you to not hear the name Vancouver when thinking of touring this country. Situated in western Canada, you can easily find it as you move towards the west coast of the country. This metropolitan city is popular for its beachy morning as the morning are best spent at the beaches and there are always the mountains for sunny afternoons. Here in this city you also easily head over to the worldly popular Whistler Blackcomb. For nature lovers, there is the option to explore the gigantic rocky mountains where you can drive your way to the adventure if that is what you like.


A busy big and populous place to visit in Canada is Toronto. The ever-expanding uptown area of Toronto has a grid network working through various subways and trams and roads, of course. This city is probably the biggest commercial hub of Canada. The city provides for many forms of public transit. One of its major attractions being the CN Tower that you see a lot in the postcards. The city also provides seamlessly awe-inspiring sceneries of its islands. These islands can be found alongside Lake Ontario and you cannot afford to not visit once you come to this city. You can also find here some of the classy theatres, shopping complexes, and restaurants.

Cape Brenton

A road trip in Canada is incomplete until you explore the Cape Breton situated on the East Coast of the country. It is considered amongst the world’s top travel destinations by many. The Cape Breton Island and the elegant Cape Breton Highlands are the major visiting points here. While you make your way toward these places, you are to find the best things as you go through the terrains, coastal roads, and high hills, driving through the route is an adventure itself. You get to experience hiking routes if traveling and hiking is one of the concerns for which you are exploring this place. The astonishing beaches and sturdy coastlines here make for an unforgettable adventure trip.


If experiencing the rugged rocky mountains is one of your purposes to visit Canada, then Banff is the place for you. Being locates in the vicinity of the Banff National Park, this town is a wonderful place for you to places because it is packed with lovely cafes, boutiques, and other shopping attractions. The eccentricity of this place is attributed to the different streets for different things such as Caribou Street, Beaver Street, and a lot like that.


Banff National Park is a must-visit place because it is enriched with the wildest heritage of massive mountains, classy wilderness, so many outdoor adventure points, and so many perks you get as an adventure traveler or seeker. If you want to feel fully immersed and encapsulated by the nature good, this is the place to explore. Also the ski resorts such as Lake Louise, Peyto Lake, and amongst the best places to head for to complete your road trip. If you do not want to travel on your own, then you can easily find a taxi or road-tripping facilities.

Niagara Falls

Located on the path bordering Canada and the United States, there could be nothing more beautiful than witnessing the collective waterfalls here. Assuming that Toronto is on your Canada touring list, these waterfalls are easy to find and visit for you to in some hours of driving. The many waterfalls included in this collection of Niagara waterfalls are the American Falls, Horseshoe Falls, and Bridal Veil Falls. You will be enticed by the ear-splitting sounds of the falling water. The Maid of the Mist is a must-have boat tour to experience, you also get to experience the most amazing wonders of the USA as you travel boat swim here in this place in Canada.


The capital city of Canada and situated in the Ontario province, here you find the top museums and the Canadian parliament. This city is considered the most educated amongst all. The major attractions here would mount to the ByWard Market, Canadian Museum of History, and the National Gallery of Canada. The Rideau Canal in Ottawa is another great attraction to see as it freezes in the winters. Skate through this canal and join in with the locals here. Make sure to adhere to the safety regulations of the Canadian capital before you plan to trip to this place. You get to witness the diverse cultures, celebrations, and attraction points centralized in a single place.

Wrapping up

The wonderful coastlines, rugged mountains, enormous falls, and skiing places here make Canada a perfect tourist destination to cover all of your trip aspects and wishes. Though all of the cities and places are hard to list here fixating on the places mentioned atop could help you get a comprehensive taste of the famous attraction points. Make sure to plan your trip wisely and list the places you want to visit beforehand. Also, stick to the safety measure suggested by the city-specific.