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Come As A Tourist, Best Locations To Travel In UAE

UAE is the gem of the Middle east. The buildings are modernistic, but the hearts are culturally rich. The country offers numerous adventurous as well as leisure activities. You can appreciate the futuristic architecture and the ancient architecture on the same day because UAE is the perfect blend of past and future. It is an old city that likes thinking futuristic. The man-made islands and the old mosques sum up the characters of this fascinating country. Let’s see what are the best locations you could visit in the UAE.

1. Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is a must-go spot on every UAE tourist’s list. This famous skyscraper was opened to tourists in the year 2010. This extraordinary building holds the record of the tallest building in the world. It has 160 stories, and you can go up to the 148th floor to witness the breath-taking skyline of Dubai.


It is like looking down at the beautiful world from the top of the world. You can be on the 9th cloud if you visit Burj Khalifa.

2. Palm Islands

Man-made islands were frowned upon initially. But now it has become a must-visit tourist spot in UAE. Palm islands are the family of three islands Palm Jumeirah, Deira Island, and Palm Jebel Ali. From the drone angle, the island appears as a palm tree and on the ground, it’s the hub for a perfect vacation party.


The highlight of Palm islands is the Atlantis hotel with numerous adventures included in the package. Palm islands are the perfect place if you want to party and forget all your worries. You can also enjoy the numerous adventures available on the coast of Dubai. A visit to palm islands is like a visit to a beautiful new world.

3. Hajar Mountains

Located near Dubai, the Hajar mountains are a dreamy hiking destination. It is the highest mountain range in the Arabian Peninsula. If you like adventures and wandering amidst nature, then Hajar mountains should on the top of your list. Although, you have to be prepared nicely for the Hajar mountains. The scenery from up there is gorgeous but the challenges are real. So, if you want to enjoy the beauty of the UAE through the Hajar mountains then prepare yourself for an adventurous trip.
Hajar mountain will impress you if you enjoy bird watching and capturing pictures of the splendid wadis or dry river beds.

4. Sharjah Art Museum

Doesn’t matter if you are an artist or not you will fall in love with Sharjah Art Museum. In one visit only you will be able to witness more than 500 pieces of extraordinary artwork. Not only you will get to gaze at the beautiful pieces, but you can also join the various workshops in the museum. Sounds fun, right?


If you want to feel the culture of the UAE then you should visit the Sharjah Art Museum and find the unique stories behind every art piece.

5. Al-Bidyah Mosque

The oldest mosque in UAE is built entirely out of mud and stone. Words will fall short to describe the beauty of the Al-Bidyah Mosque. It’s the simplicity in the architecture of this mosque that pleases your eyes the most. It’s a sight for your sore eyes. But be careful not everyone is allowed inside the mosque. If you are planning to visit this mesmerizing mosque then you have to dress accordingly. You have to pass the decency code of UAE and then only you will be able to enjoy the soothing experience of Al-Bidyah Mosque.


It is located on the east coast emirate of Fujairah.

6. Deira District

What is a trip without some shopping? In the Deira district of Dubai, you will be able to pick up souvenirs from your trip to the UAE. This is the place from where you can pack the pleasure of UAE and take home as a token from this trip.

7. Jabel Hafit

Another wonderous mountain of UAE is the Jabel Hafit. A trip to Jabel Hafit is a full package visit. At the foot of the highest peak of Abu Dhabi, you will find astonishing historical remains. There is also a desert park where you could even ride a camel or a horse. The archaeological remains date back to the Neolithic period which means around 8000 years back. It is fascinating to see something this old. UNESCO has recognized the Jabel Hafit Desert Park as a World Heritage site as well.


Now once you have enjoyed the downstairs, it’s time to climb and be surprised by the beauty of Al Ain from the top. It is one of the best paths for driving, riding, and even cycling. The view at the end pays off the efforts of climbing all the way up. And if you plan it strategically you will be able to see the mesmerising sunset from the top.

8. Empty Quarter Desert In Abu Dhabi

If you want to live the Arabian fairy tale for a day, then go visit the Empty quarter desert in Abu Dhabi. It will be like experiencing the dusky beauty of nature. People claim that a desert safari in the empty quarter desert is better than a roller coaster ride. You will have your ups and downs but in the end, it will all be worth it.


Often we perceive deserts as an isolated piece of land filled with sand but an Empty quarter desert will change your mind. Deserts in the UAE are the most fun place to be. They are beautiful, adventurous, and picturesque. You will get amazing shots clicked amidst the shining sand.

This is the beauty of the UAE. You can visit the modern buildings and the old age architectural marvels on the same day. You can enjoy the riveting desert safari and then later relax on the beach. UAE has a lot to offer and once you visit UAE you will be painted in the colors of the United Arab Emirates. The culture is rich, and the buildings are tall. So what are you waiting for?