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Make your visa journey easier.

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Employment in the UK

Training and Work Experience Scheme

In 1999, a scheme was introduced by the name Training and Work Experience Scheme. It is commonly known as TWES. According to this program, if a foreign student succeeds in finding a job (which is relevant to his study field) in the United Kingdom with an employer who is British-based, he can stay in the UK and work there full time for as long as two complete years. Remember that only a UK-based employer can apply for this particular scheme’s permit. The recruitment agencies and other businesses of these kinds cannot apply for the Training and Work Experience Scheme permit. These permits are often granted to the individuals for completing a work-based training session for some specialist or professional qualification. The TWES permits are issued only when the applicants prove their intentions of returning to their home country after the end of the agreed duration.

International Graduate Scheme

This scheme facilitates the foreign students who have attained a bachelor degree or some other higher qualification, in any field of study from a known higher education institution of the United Kingdom. Under this scheme, these students are allowed to apply for staying in the UK and work there for about one year. The scheme is commonly known as IGS, and it offers a clear transitional route for the students to move from studying in the UK to working there. It is important to mention here that no leave extensions are allowed in this category, and it can be your way to settlement.

Fresh Talent Initiative

You might have heard about the Scotland Scheme. It is a part of Fresh Talent Initiative by Scottish Executive. It promotes the individuals to live an enhanced standard lives. The initiative endorses people to think about staying and working in Scotland.

Moreover, it supports the efforts of native people who want to start their career in Scotland along with encouraging those who are in search of better employment opportunities. All the non-EEA nationals with a degree course, HND, PhDs, Master at any Scottish university who have stayed in Scotland during their entire study period are allowed to apply for staying there for 2 years. In these two years after the completion of the study course, the students can find and take employment. In this way, they fresh graduates and talented individuals will get to work in Scotland.

Highly Skilled Migrant Program

This category is for those who have exceptional skills and work experience. Through this program, such skilled individuals can find and take employment in the UK without any work permit. For qualifying under this scheme, you need to score about 65 points. It is better to access the score points by yourself before applying so that you can get an idea of how much of these you can achieve. The applicants must demonstrate their efforts which they made in order to find work, and they may not essentially have an offer latter for a relevant job.

Some of the areas where you can score points include qualifications and academic background along with specialist work experience and earnings that you have made in the past. A 10-points allowance is offered for such applicants who are either degree holders or have had employed in some job of graduate level.

For the applicants who are less than 28 years of age, separate criteria are made for the past earnings and work experience which is different from the standard assessment. Moreover, there is also a 5-points age allowance.

MBA initiative

This scheme is designed to facilitate the students who have had studied in one of the best rated 50 business schools across the globe. The MBA initiative allows these students to work in the United Kingdom for one year. Some of the famous universities include the University of Bradford, Strathclyde, Manchester etc.

All these schemes and their terms may change over time. Therefore, you must keep visiting this page to get the latest and accurate information.

Students can also work in the UK to get experience and earn money. During the study term, they are allowed to work for about 20 hours per week. Besides, in vacations, they can work full-time if they want.

Students can productively utilize their free time and earn about £5 to £7 per hour. It means you can make approximately £400 to £560 in a month during your study term.

Students can earn more by working full-time in vacations.

You can find the part-time jobs in the UK for earning some cash. For doing so, you can look for the job ads in the local papers. Besides, you can also check the career cells of colleges and universities. You will find some valuable information about the vacancies in those cells.

As mentioned earlier, students are allowed to work part-time, but no university guarantees such employment for you. You will have to find one for yourself.

Interestingly, if the job category in which you intend to apply fall under the shortage list, getting a work permit will be more accessible for you. Some of the prominent professions in the shortage list include:

  •  Nurses
  • Teachers
  • Dieticians
  • Engineers
  • IT
  • Biomedical
  • Social Welfare and community workers

The students who are moving to the UK for the purpose of study for about six months or less than that, it is necessary to take permission for work from the Entry Clearance Officer.

Being one of the strongest economies in the whole world, the United Kingdom offers tremendous employment opportunities. There is an excellent scope for the students who are equipped with foreign qualification.

Employment Opportunities in the UK

The high standards of education and the best academic systems make the UK’s degrees highly valuable, and these are accepted all over the globe. The country aims to bring out the best in students and prepares them for a highly competitive world market.

The United Kingdom has listed down some significant areas in which they lack manpower. The foreign students have fantastic employment prospects in these fields including engineering, IT and all other mentioned above.