Make your visa journey easier.

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Make your visa journey easier.

Much easier!

General facts and numbers about Cyprus Immigration

Cyprus is a beautiful island country in the Eastern Mediterranean. If you are thinking of shifting here for the long or short term, then you would not face much trouble. The immigration processes in Cyprus are legal and quick to accomplish. You can get your residency in the shortest time provided you lawfully fulfill the requirements.


Unlike other countries, immigrating to Cyprus is a less complex process for both the EU and non-EU residents. However, completing the paperwork for immigration can be quite burdensome since the official documentation process, the intricate terms, and the long list of things is not easy to get through.

Immigrating to Cyprus

Immigrating to Cyprus is a different process for EU and non-EU residents. For instance, non-EU residents have to get a pink slip that permits them to stay in the country temporarily and is called a Temporary Residence Permit. While the EU residents can stay up to three months and afterward, have to get a certificate for increasing their stay, called a yellow slip.


The citizens and foreign immigration that satisfy the legal requirements are granted permission to stay in the country- permanent residency. There is a Cyprus Investment Programmer through which individuals of all types can legally apply to get Cypriot citizenship.

Facts for Immigration of EU residents

The EU residents and nationals or citizens of the EU member states are permitted to stay and move across Cyprus despite not having the visa for the first three months. During this free stay, they can engage in economic and financial endeavors without performing completing or submitting any type of paperwork. These rules are the same for EEA or European Economic Area such as Norway, Switzerland, Iceland Liechtenstein, etc.


For further exceeding your stay after three months, there is a thing called Registration Certificate for EU that you are required to have and apply for. This certification is officially called a yellow slip because of the color of the certificate. This yellow slip is what legalizes your stay in Cyprus beyond three months and allows you to register your care, get your kids into the school, get a medical card, and so on. Not having such a slip can make you subjected to a huge amount of fines.


To obtain the yellow slip, you need to:

The procedure for obtaining the yellow slip is quick and simple. The immigration office will first ask you to fill the copy of the MEU51 form and then the necessary documents to initiate the process, which are-

  • Proof of address
  • Your valid ID or passport; both original and photocopy
  • Two passport-size photographs
  • Application fee of €20

As mentioned earlier, the first three-month stay is free, and thereafter, to exceed your stay during or after the fourth, a yellow slip is a requirement. You can submit an application regarding the same in the nearby immigration office since there is an office in each district of Cyprus.


You have to book an appointment in the immigration office with the help of a lawyer, who can also help you with the further process of the application. It is important to book your appointment in the 3rd month of your free stay to deal with unanticipated situations.


Facts for Immigration of non-EU residents

A short-stay visa is for foreign immigrations coming to Cyprus for travel and work purposes. This visa can be used for up to 90 days and you can enter Cyprus multiple times using this visa through this period of 90 days. This permit for temporary residence in the form of a pink paper called the pink slip. The period of stay can be extended up to 4 years using this slip. On the basis of your itinerary purpose, you will be granted one of the student visas, employment visas, or visitor visas.


Pink slip for the students is permitted when the students are from the outside of EU and have already taken admission in one of the Cyprus institutions for long-duration courses or degrees. To get the employer visa, the employer has to submit the application confirming the qualification of the immigrant moving to Cyprus for work purposes. Visitor visa is for the conditions when the non-EU resident is married to a Cyprus resident, a parent in the law of the citizen, a foreign-born child, or an individual who does not require a work permit in order to work in Cyprus.


To get the pink slip, you have to submit:

Completely filled MCYV2 or MVIS2 by the non-EU resident to get the temporary residency permit, and have to submit the following-

  • Copy of the first page and the page that has an entry stamp
  • Bank statements clearly depicting the sources of income
  • Copy of the contract of employment in Cyprus
  • Marriage certificate with apostille translation
  • Children’s birth certificate with apostille translation
  • 4 photographs
  • Medical insurance
  • Application fee of €140

Getting citizenship with the help of the Cyprus Investment Programme

The Cypriot Investment Programme or CIP is the gateway to become Cyprus citizens and get the country passport for immediate family or a foreign investor.


When investing in this program, it is crucial to reflect upon the intention of long-term citizenship and the complete advantage of the same could be availed by future generations.


Here are the important requirements to apply for CIP:


  • You have to be a non-EU citizen that does not need the entry to travel in the EU or an EU-resident having a valid Schengen visa
  • You should not have a criminal record in your resident country or country of origin
  • A valid Cyprus permit for the period of at least 6 months
  • You should not be deprived of the permission to get citizenship of the other EU countries
  • You should live up to the investment criteria, which is having or buying a property of the least value- €500,000.

These were the basic information of the facts and figures one should know for Cyprus immigration. However, expert consultancy is required to understand the legal matters in-depth regarding Cyprus immigration.