Make your visa journey easier.

Much easier!

Make your visa journey easier.

Much easier!

Germany Awaits You

Located at the heart of Europe, Germany is one of the world’s most prosperous and powerful countries.

With a plethora of cultures, a history dating back thousands of years, vibrant cities, high-quality education, and abundant jobs, it has everything to offer for visitors, tourists, students, and workers.

Travel to Deutschland to make the most of the best opportunities to study, explore, or work.

Get Free High-Quality Education

Do you know there is no tuition fee for local or foreign students in German public universities! That’s why nearly 400,000 international students are enrolled in higher education in the country.

Not only that but students are drawn from all over the world for:

  • Internationally recognized degrees
  • From arts to tech – diverse programs
  • Most programs taught in English
  • Superior infrastructure and facilities
  • Part-time work opportunities

Plus, once you have completed your degree, you can stay in Germany for 18 months to land a job and pursue a future in the country!

Why would you go anywhere else to study when Deutschland has it all?

History, Festivals, Nature & Whatnot

Around 40 million tourists visit Germany each year.

From discovering medieval architecture at Nuremberg to skiing on the scenic Bavarian Alps to cruising on the River Rhine, visitors have countless fascinating sites and adventures to explore.

Or, if you prefer to delve into local culture and interact with people, come any time of the year and there will be a festival lighting up the country.

Party at the grand Oktoberfest, color yourself in the celebrations of the Carnival season, or witness the glamor at the Berlin Film Festival.

Work & Live In Luxury

One of the largest economies in the world and still growing at a rapid pace, Germany presents work opportunities in every sector.

Plus, the work/life balance in the country is one of the best – the average work hours per week are 35. Along with this, you get parental leaves, a combined month of off days, and other benefits! Yes, that’s right!

Amazingly, the cost of living is affordable with reasonable housing, well-developed transportation networks, and excellent medical systems.

What more could you ask for?

Obtain a work permit, bring your family, or settle in Deutschland!

Plan Your Arrival in Germany with Immi-Net

Already preparing to travel, work, or study in Germany?

Get ahead of the visa application process by teaming up with Immi-Net.

Here are just a few of the visa types we facilitate with:

Schengen Tourism Visa

Enjoy a short-term stay in Germany with the option to travel visa-free into 26 other countries.

Student Visa

The student applicant visa is valid for 3 months while the student visa allows a longer stay with a residence permit.

Business Visa

Attend meetings, seminars, and conferences with a short-term business visa.

Family Reunion Visa

Sponsor your non-EU family members for a long-term stay with you in Germany.

From discussing your goals and assessing your situation to assisting you in completing the application smoothly, we help maximize your chances of a successful visa.

Get one step closer to a future in Germany!