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Top Jobs In The USA – Get Your Career On Track

Getting a job in today’s scenario requires a lot of research work. Not all jobs will suit all of us. But there are some common things that we must look for in a job. They are – the job must match our skills or talent, it must pay well, it should not be too stressful. The job should challenge us year after year to improve us. Top Jobs in the USA comprises various high-paying jobs. The most in-demand jobs are healthcare jobs. Let us look at all the high-paying and top jobs that you can go for in the USA.

Best 7 Occupations You Can Go For

For a satisfying work-life balance and a good-paying job, you must know which job to apply for. Following is the list of the top 7 jobs that you can go for.

  • Anesthesiologists

Anesthesiologists are physicians who administer anesthetics and analgesics to manage the pain during surgery. This is a job that has been a high-paying job for the past three years straight. It is one of the Best jobs for the future. The job requires comprises of unpredictable long working hours. The anesthesiologists need to be there before, during, and after the surgery. If you belong to medical background, this job is a game-changer. There will never be a chance of unemployment in this field.


The average median salary for this job can be $261,730.

  • Surgeons

Being a surgeon requires several years of training. The physicians who become surgeons have entered into the most high-paying career. The surgeons need to manage the patients before and after the surgeries as well. The job of a surgeon is full of long and unpredictable working hours. It is one of the Best jobs in the world with a high salary. Even if the surgeon is not operating on a patient, he needs to be there for the patients over the call if needed. The surgeons can be called if there is an emergency in the hospital irrespective of the time. A student with a medical degree and specialized training can go for this job.


The average median salary a surgeon can earn is $252,040.

  • Chief Executives

Being the CEO is one of the high-paying occupations apart from the health sector jobs. CEO is the highest rank in any company for an employee. The CEO has the responsibility of making critical decisions in the company. It is also one of the Top Jobs in the USA. The CEO is responsible to get involved with the Board Of Directors of the company. He is like the second boss of the company. The working schedule of a CEO is also very hectic. Any graduate or postgraduate student with years and years of experience can go for the job. But being a CEO is not as easy a task as it sounds. The CEO needs to be very intellectual and experienced.


The average median salary of a CEO is $193,850.

  • Gynecologists

A gynecologist is a doctor who deals with the health of the female reproductive system. The gynecologist is specialized in dealing vaginal health and childbirth. They guide their patients about taking care of the child after birth. Being a gynecologist is also a Top paying job in the USA. They also tackle the stress and health problem during childbirth. A medical degree in gynecology is required for the job. Along with the degree, proper training as a gynecologist is a must. The doctors need to pass a certain exam to get the jobs into the required fields.


The average median salary of a gynecologist is $233,610.

  • Psychiatrists

Psychiatrists help in the treatment of mental health issues. There are various kinds of psychiatrists. Psychiatrists deal with children, adults, addiction problems and provide consultations to their patients. This job falls in the category of Highest paying jobs in the USA. Psychiatrists can be found at any place like schools, colleges, hospitals, offices, etc. These doctors specialize in dealing with human psychology. They need to have a bachelor’s degree in medicine. Afterward, they need to have a specific psychiatrist degree. After managing the practical medical situations in the hospitals, the graduates can apply for the job.


The average median salary of a psychiatrist is $220,430.

  • Marketing Managers

Selling products and services need professionals. The marketing managers analyze market conditions. They check which product or service has huge demand and design the strategies accordingly. They plan ways of bringing maximum profit to the company. The reason this profession is High paying job in the USA is that this profession brings money into the business. Everything that flows in and out of the business is the responsibility of a marketing manager. To make the business reach on top, creativity is been introduced. They plan day-to-day activities, promote business, find ways of maximizing profits. A marketing manager has a bachelor’s degree with a specialization in marketing, economics, finance, or computer science.


The average median salary of a marketing manager is $136,850.

  • Data Scientist

A data scientist use technologies to take out necessary information from the data. The job requires a good command of statistics, quantitative reasoning, and great programming skills. It is a High paying job in 2021. In other words, the scientist of data is known as a data scientist. A data scientist needs to communicate the problems of an organization and solve them. A Bachelors’s degree in science and a specialized course in Data Science is a required qualification for the job.


The average median salary of a data scientist is $94,280.



Getting a high-paying job in 2021 requires a good amount of research work. When we talk about Top high-paying jobs in the USA, it is difficult to beat healthcare jobs. If you do not belong to medical background, you can find various other high-paying jobs. If management is not for you, you can go for other options. You can find a lot of job options these days. Just follow what you love. Do all the research work required to get the best job.