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Make your visa journey easier.

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Top-ranked universities in Canada.

Canada has always been the most sought study destination for worldwide students looking out for pursuing their higher studies out of India. Canadian universities have always earned the students’ trust by delivering excellent teaching and wonderful research.


The universities of Canada are the universities with high rankings from the entire list of international educational institutions. They have always been the center of attraction whenever it comes to selecting the smartest teaching with prestigious degree programs.


Adding to the high rankings, Canada has always been prioritized by students for its low cost of living, affordable fees, and countless opportunities for a better future and lifestyle.

What are the eligibility criteria for enrolling in a Canadian university?

The basic requirement for enrolling into a Canadian university is a good command of English and more than 6.5 bands in IELTS. Apart from this, the candidate must fulfill all the expectations of the University from the previous course’s grades, i.e., more than an average score. Based on the diploma you choose, you will need to fulfill different conditions for a successful enrollment.

1. For undergraduate students, the student has:

  • At least 70% grade in his/her 12th standard.
  • Good knowledge of 12th-grade level mathematics.
  • 580-600 minutes of PBT, TOEFL, and 237-250 minutes of CBT, depending upon the concerning course.

2. For a Bachelor’s Degree or A Certificate Course, you should have:

  • Good command of English.
  • An IELTS score of 6-6.5 overall, depending on the concerning course and the chosen University.
  • TOEFL; CBT of around 213 minutes and PBT of around 550 minutes.

3. For a Masters Diploma, you should have:

  • A bachelor’s degree and an average of 70% grade in the respective degree.
  • 2-3 years of working experience.
  • Written samples of published work, if any.

Choosing the right University solely depends on its overall ranking, the courses it offers, and the global ranking. Here, we have listed the top five universities according to their rankings:

1. University of Toronto:

The University of Toronto was established in the year 1827, and the University has its engineering and law institutions. The University of Toronto has commendable medical and research programs for its worldwide students. The University ranks in 15th position worldwide.
Besides the high rankings, the University is known in the entire world for its below-mentioned courses:

  • Applied sciences and engineering diplomas
  • Landscape, architecture, and design
  • International foundation program
  • Arts and science degrees at a well-maintained St. George campus

2. McGill University:

McGill University is one of the leading educational institutions in Canada and provides almost all the courses, including undergraduate, graduate, and academic, non-academic courses. The University has around eleven schools and covers almost all the sectors of education from arts, science to music. Here is the list of several faculties:

  • Faculty of Arts
  • Faculty of medicine
  • Faculty of BDS, dentistry
  • Music school

Apart from this, the University has earned 31st position in the global rankings.

3. The University of British Columbia:

In addition to the third rank within Canada and 45th rank in the global rankings, the University of British Columbia has been the most preferred one because of its dynamic teaching methods using modern teaching facilities with advanced technology. The University has a faculty ratio of 11:1, and students from more than 150 countries are currently studying at the University.

The University offers a diverse range of subjects, including:

  • Geography
  • Subjects relevant to sports and physical fitness
  • Engineering courses including mining engineering

Adding to this, the University of British Columbia has claimed the 28th rank in the whole world from the list of all the educational institutions from academic reputation indicator.

4. University of Alberta:

Most people know the University of Alberta with the name UAlberta, and it offers a wide range of around two hundred undergraduate courses. The University has more than four hundred laboratories for research programs.


The University has a homely ambiance and is like a second home to its students and gives multiple opportunities to the students to show their participation in more than four hundred and fifty student clubs. Not only this, the University offers a massive scholarship of millions of dollars, particularly $28 million, to the students in rewards and for providing financial support.

The well-renowned faculties of the University include:

  • Arts and law
  • Business management and engineering
  • Pharmaceutical courses
  • Sports educational courses

Apart from this, this University of Alberta is in the 119th position in global ranking and offers paid co-op work opportunities to its students in many courses.

5. McMaster University:

This McMaster University that was established in the year 1887 has secured the fifth position in the top universities in Canada and 144th rank in the worldwide ranking. This has been one of the most preferred universities in Canada because of its research work in the sector of health sciences.


From the total count of McMaster’s students, one-fourth are international students and get admissions in the following educational courses:

  • Physical and social sciences
  • Life sciences
  • Engineering and modern technology
  • Business, management, and economics

Final words

Post-study work opportunities are the main focal point of more than half of the students, and Canada has a specialization in work opportunities. More than half of the Canadian universities have separate sectors like carrier services helping students to get quick placements and a wide variety of job opportunities. The on-campus hiring has always been the most preferred students’ interest from all these work opportunities and placement consultations.


The students may get hired for their internships, and co-op work as the companies who hire their faculties through campus recruitments don’t offer direct joining jobs. Adding to these universities, as mentioned earlier, the University of Waterloo, Queen’s University, University of Calgary, and Western University are other options for the students preferring to pursue their higher education from a reputed and high-ranked Canadian university.