Make your visa journey easier.

Much easier!

Make your visa journey easier.

Much easier!

Plan Your Future In The UAE

A shining star in the Middle East, the United Arab Emirates has become a popular destination for workers, students, and tourists alike from across the globe.

In fact, every year, more than 21 million people visit the UAE. Let that sink in.

Although the country may seem a small one with 7 emirates, namely Dubai, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras al Khaimah, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, and the capital Abu Dhabi, the potential is immense!

Enjoy its dynamic economy, vast career opportunities, the diversity of culture, and UAE’s modern outlook.

Experience High Career Progression

As the UAE developed beyond the land of sand dunes, its economic viability progressed manifold.

Numerous multinationals have set up their headquarters in the UAE, while countless other businesses continue to set up owing to the low corporate taxes.

This means ample opportunity for you to find a job, grow or build an enterprise of your own!

In fact, 69% of the UAE’s population is thought to have rapidly progressing jobs.

Enjoy tax-free income (yes – no income tax in UAE!) and build a bright future for yourself.

Enjoy World-Class Infrastructure

The UAE, especially Dubai, has set the bar high for infrastructural development in the world.

Enroll in the best colleges and universities, attain quality healthcare, and feel security unlike anywhere else in the world.

The public transport system is also exceptional – from the buses and metro to ferries across the water – ensuring everyone has a chance at improved living.

Whether you are visiting or hoping to move to the country, the surreal quality of life beckons one to stop, wonder, and aspire to stay – forever.

Relocate To The Gateway Of The World

UAE has become a travel hub.

Many leading airlines of the world have layovers in UAE’s cities. This increased connectivity makes it the perfect destination for travelers and a middle ground for those hoping to move to a strong, well-connected location.

When in the UAE, find yourselves at the doorway of Asia, Europe, and Africa.

Your Routes To The UAE With Immi-Net

The reasons to visit the UAE are many. Unfortunately, the ways can be tricky.

Since the country does not offer permanent residency, legal guidance from Immi-Net can help you navigate through the complex visa systems and reach your destination – with ease.

Our team helps in applying for:

Student Visa

Study in a UAE school or college of your choice with an Institute-sponsored study visa. Receive a 1-year visa and renew yearly. 

Resident Visa

Obtain a UAE residency permit that allows the validity of 2-3 years and can be extended upon the show of proof of purpose.

Work Visa

Obtain a 60-day work visa and enter the UAE. Extend your stay by applying for work and residency sponsored by your employer.

Tourist Visa

Attain a 30- or 90-day visa with single/multiple entries to visit the UAE and explore the culture and sights!